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128GB DDR4 RAM developed by SK Hynix

128GB DDR4

SK Hynix develops 128GB DDR4 RAM

SK Hynix, the South Korean chip maker officially announced that the firm has developed most advanced DDR4( double data rate 4 ) RAM module with capacity of 128 gigabyte.

This new double data rate module is based on a technology named Through Silicon Via (TSV). This will improve the speed of the computer to the next level. TSV allows Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM).

128GB DDR4


According to SK Hynix, the 128GB DDR4 RAM module can is expected to reach speed of 2133 megabytes per second (2133 mbps) which is higher when compared to DDR3 RAM which has speed of 1333 megabytes per second (1333 Mbps). Also it consumes less power supply. This runs on 1.2 volts whereas its ancestor works on 1.35 volts.

It is expected that the production of this new technology will start from beginning of the year 2015.

If everything works according to plan in a few months we can run our computer at a higher speed i guess so.

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1 Comment

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