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Android M is now officially named as Marshmallow

Android M

Android 6.0 aka Android M is named as Android Marshmallow

There has been a lot of buzz over the internet about Android M and many were wondering what M in Android 6.0 M stands for but now its official that Google has named Android 6.0 as Marshmallow. It looks like the next major update for Android will be called Marshmallow. It was revealed by the Vice President of Android, Dave Burke informed us via his official Twitter account.

Google puts a statue of a big green android carrying a marshmallow in front of its HQ in Mountain View, CA. This has been a tradition for Google to put a statue of its newest android operating system out of their head quarters.

Google also released near final version of Android SDK (Software Development Kit) of Android M aka Marshmallow for developers. Also the announcement page of SDK refers to the version Android M.

Product manager of Android, Jamal Eason on a blog post said that who doesn’t love Marshmallows, whether take them straight out of bag or roasted to brown golden exterior or in fluff form almost everyone like marshmallows. After the launch of Android M developer preview during the month of May, there were lots of participation and feedback and today, with final developer update Google is introducing the official release of Android M SDK and opens the Google Play Store for publishing the apps which is targeted to new API level 23 in Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Android M

Android M will be different that Android Lollipop which came with many enticing features but Android 6.0 Marshmallow focuses on improving performance and maintaining stability. With this new update, there are lot more features like Tap On Now, Android Pay and new app permissions etc. Android M will also have built in support for finger print scanner and will support USB Type C as well.

As per the official announcement of SDK page, Android M will start to roll out later this year and also there are few rumors that Google might release two new Nexus smartphone alongside of Android M (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) official release.

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