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Apple wants sales ban on Samsung devices

Apple asks for sales ban

A few of weeks back Samsung lost a case against Apple where Samsung was ordered to pay $119 million for intruding the patents of Apple. However, Apple asked $2.2 billion for the damages for which the court denied and the firm wants to challenge the decision.

Apple appeals that Samsung used their patents for Samsung’s older devices which will cause harm for Apple it they continue to sell the devices. Apple wants to get a stable order against them.

The list of devices are Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Galaxy Note 2, Admire, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus,Galaxy S III, Stratosphere and Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch.

sales ban

These demands aren’t possible for the court to agree but Apple tries to get succeeded in both of their demands.

So, visitors please share your thoughts on this ongoing patent war between Apple and Samsung in the comment section below.

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