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Apple’s iWork review

iwork new release


After Microsoft’s office and Google Docs, Apple’s iWork is overlooked much often. In 2009, iWork got its first major update for its word processing, spreadsheets and presentations and recently it has improved on iPhone and iPad versions. Now Apple has also developed an online version that allows people to collaborate on a single document easily. It can also be used by Windows users. Apple’s iWork can’t replace Microsoft’s Office or Google doc but it simplifies the use of applications.

apple's iWork

The most appreciable part is that, it is free to use. i Work comes along with newly purchased Mac operating systems, iPhones and iPads. After getting it, we can install in the previous version devices. Else these three costs $20 for Mac, $10 for mobile devices and $90 for everything but Microsoft’s office costs $100 ( hundred dollar ) per year for using on multiple devices.

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