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Is battery life an important aspect ?

IDC survey shows battery life is important for a smartphone

IDC an analytics and research company organized a survey by asking 50,000 people around 25 countries. They asked that which aspect is considered most important when buying a smartphone and most of the buyer’s choice is battery life.

The results were interesting that 40% of people looked for Windows Phone device which runs on Microsoft’s operating system. And Android phone had 37% of user’s choice and Apple with 32%.

The picture below shows that statistics in which 56%, 49% and 53% of buyers prefer battery life is important for Android, Apple and Windows devices respectively.

Windows Phone holds second place in Ease of usage which lost to Apple by just 1%. However Android received only 33% of consumer’s vote but Android leads in camera resolution, browsing, size and weight.

Also among the customers brand also plays an important role where Apple leads the table by 32% and Android and Windows Phone holds 25% each.

battery life

So, visitors share your thoughts about the most important aspect when buying a smartphone below in comments section.

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