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Blackberry Z3 unveils in Malaysia

Blackberry Z3

Blackberry Z3

The photo below is at Malaysia that shows Blackberry Z3 reside the same space such as Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Z30. This is the latest addition to the Z series in Blackberry.

Blackberry Z3

Blackberry Z3 is the first smartphone produced by Foxconn as Blackberry has now a five year contract with Foxconn. The agreement is to manufacture devices for low income markets with share profits of 50%.

All blackberry units are available in new coming markets now run blackberry operating system 7 which makes blackberry Z3 somewhat special that it runs in OS 10. The firm announced that it’ll start producing 9900 again which will run on OS 7.

The blackberry Z3 comes with 5 inch display screen which is same as his ancestor. The Z3 might be released in Indonesia during the end of this month and after that to customers in other markets will be getting.

Blackberry Z3


The firm needs to grab share from market anywhere it can get. If Blackberry spreads Blackberry operating system 10 in few regions and make it as a prominent operating system for mobile units the company might have a chance to get to one of the top positions in smartphone competition.

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