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How to block History on Chrome ?

block history

Block history on Chrome

Every web browsers have an option to block history from storing, for example Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc but in Chrome there is no option for blocking it except clearing it frequently or using chrome incognito window. Now, I am going to demonstrate how to block history on chrome permanently.

Lets start the process, First clear the history in your chrome browser.

block history

Open the directory where you installed your operating system ( most commonly in C:/ ). Navigate to the following directory “C:/Users/<your user name>” and enable the option to view the hidden files and a file named ” AppData ” shows, then go to ” AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default “.

Now you will see the following files

block history

Right click on the file named ” History “ and select “Properties” and click on “Security” tab. Now click on “Edit” button and a new window opens.

block history

Select the user name on top and un-check all the check-boxes and make sure that, only “Read” option is enabled ( i.e., check box selected fro Read option ). Click Apply and close the window.

only read option must be selected

[button color=”red” size=”medium” link=”” target=”blank” ]If you can’t un check the boxes, read this[/button]

Now find the file named ” Web Data ” and do the same operation as above and now you can launch the chrome browser, as you see no more the history will be saved.

no more history

Thus you have blocked your browser’s history on chrome. If you want it undone, just undo the above process.

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