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ChatOn to be shutdown in some markets

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Samsung’s ChatOn will be shuted own in some markets

Since the third quarter of 2014 is already being the worst nightmare for Samsung due to its lack of smartphone sales but here comes another bad news for Samsung that its ChatOn service might lose ground. With reference to Korean media, Samsung has planned to drop its unprofitable businesses and sadly ChatOn is one of the businesses.

So, this service will be dropped in certain markets where it is not profitable. But our sad news is that there is no info about how much this service is costing for Samsung. However, ChatOn is receiving positive feed backs in over 120 countries.

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When is comes to number of devices that has ChatOn is quite competitive since it comes as pre installed on all Samsung devices but its low usage is the main issue and thus the total transaction is not much said Samsung officials.

ChatOn has over 100 million users and is available on wide range of platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, PC web version and even on BADA operating system. But the sad part is that it is being ignored by its competitors – Whatsapp, Snapchat and Viber. The final decision will be based on the result announced by Samsung Future Strategy Office who are responsible for firm’s management and investments.

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