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How to create a LAN connection using Ethernet cable


LAN connection and configuration

The term LAN is an acronym for Local Area Network. Using LAN connection we can share data among computer systems and also play games in local environment. So here is how we can connect two computers using Ethernet cable and configure them in order to form a local network.

Things you need :

  • Ethernet cable
  • Two computer systems
  • Ethernet card drivers installed on both the systems.

Now plug one end of the Ethernet cable to LAN port of one computer and another end to the next computer. Now follow the steps to configure them.

Go to Network and Sharing Center by right clicking the network icon on lower right corner or through control panel. You can see the Ethernet connection ( If not update driver or uninstall the driver and re-install it ). Click on the properties as shown below.

lan connection - ethernet


Ethernet status window opens, click on ” Properties ” and Ethernet property window opens.


Scroll down and find ” Internet Protocol Version 4 ( TCP/IP 4 ) [in case of windows XP, it will be ( TCP/IP )] and double click on that or just click it and select properties on the bottom as shown below.


Now a new window opens up, select the option ” Use the following IP address ” and enter an IP address ( in this case, i have entered and the subnet mask will be automatically generated as soon as you finished entering IP address and click on the space of subnet mask. If connecting less number of computers, then gateway is not required ( just leave it empty ) and click OK.



Click OK for Ethernet properties window and close the Ethernet status window. Now repeat the same procedure for second computer, while entering IP address enter an IP address  other than the first one ( I have entered ). By now the LAN connection must be configured successfully. To check if it works, Open CMD using RUN window or by going to start option and clicking on RUN.

lan connection - run


Enter the following command to test it.

ping < ip address of the second computer > ” and press enter ( Ex:  ping ) and it must show something like this,

lan connection - ping


If you get reply from the other computer then your connection is successful else if you get ” request timed out ” you need to try it again by turning off the firewall and enabling the visibility of  networks option from network and sharing center -> Advanced tab.

Now you can share the files to each other and also play games on LAN.

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