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How to create a virtual disk drive

virtual HDD

Create a virtual disk drive

You can create a virtual disk drive on your computer system. This will be used to classify files different from each other and this helps us to access quickly through files. So this is how its done,

Materials required

  • Daemon tools
  • ISO converter ( any software you prefer to convert files into ISO format )

Download and install DAEMON tools form here [button color=”red” size=”small” link=”” target=”blank” ]CLICK HERE[/button]

Then download and install any ISO converter software program. I used this [button color=”red” size=”small” link=”” target=”blank” ]CLICK HERE[/button]

After finishing the above steps lets get started, First open the ISO converter software you installed, select the files you want to convert and convert them into ISO format.

Now open daemon tools and click on ” Add Image ” icon on left bottom or just right click on the empty space and select ” Add Image 

virtual disk drive- stage 1


Now a new window opens, navigate to the location where you stored your ISO file, then select the file and click the button “open“.

virtual disk drive- stage 2


Now double click on the imported file or right click the file and select “mount“.

Screenshot 3


Now the virtual disk drive has been created. Go to ” Computer ” and there is the new drive.

virtual drive- stage 4


Thus a new virtual drive has been created and it can be used to store files as virtual disks and also create bootable images for installing operating systems using disks.

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