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Driveclub beta available this july


Driveclub beta is available this july after E3 2014

Driveclub is a first person realistic driving simulator which is intended to adopt the auto clubs present today . It is being developed by Evolution studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment . Driveclub was officially announced on 20 , February 2013 . Now it’s release date has been confirmed to October 7,2014 . Evolution studios has taken greater efforts in getting every small details of  cars from well known manufacturers  like Koenigsegg , Henessey , Pagani , etc . It also made efforts in texture , reflections and interior of the car  with next Gen graphics to give the gamers a Realtime simulation experience .

In Driveclub there are 50 cars to drive and various environment where you can drive your cars . It include regions like India , Canada , Chile , Norway and many more with vast expanded and varied landscapes . we can set passage of time to 60 times faster than the normal time . so we can race from dawn till dusk with various weather conditions in a single race .  The supported platform for Driveclub  is Playsation 4 . This is little disappointing because our PC’s deserved to play this wonderful game . As far as Driveclub Beta is concerned , the sign up to get the Beta version will start after the next day of E3 2014 . For more news about Driveclub we have to wait till E3 2014 .

Here are some Images of Driveclub

Driveclub Driveclub

Here is the Official trailer of Driveclub

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