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EA with six new games at E3

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EA is to announce six new Games at E3

The coming E3 on june 9 is going to be full off suprises . As said before ubisoft is going to release the gameplay for two famous game Assassin’s creed unity and Farcry 4 welcome Kryat . Now EA is going to announce six new in E3 . Totally we are going to have a lot of  games especially high rated games to play in this fall of 2014 .  based on the leaks we could identify that there is a new game in battle field franchise . There are rumous that EA owned Visceral Games is working on this new game in Battlefield franchise . Also Visceral Games is working hard in developing Star wars Battlefront which is already known by us .

EA is also going to announce about the new addition to famous sports game series . It is FIFA 15 . It has been confirmed by EA  but the supported platforms are yet to be announced . There is another addition to Mass Effect franchise . Mass effect  4 is not officially confirmed by EA and we will be knowing it in this E3 . Other projects announced by EA are Dragon Age: Inquisition , EA Sports UFC , Madden NFL 15 , Mirror’s Edge 2 , NHL 15 , The Sims 4 , Star Wars Attack Squadrons , Star Wars Battlefront , Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 . In this there are six confirmed projects which include FIFA 15 , Dragon Age: Inquisition ,  EA Sports UFC  ,  Madden NFL 15 , The Sims 4 , NHL 15 .

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You can watch Mirror’s Edge 2 trailer here

After E3 , we will come to know whether ubisoft and EA are going to empty our Wallets or not . Stay tuned with Crunchertronics  for further updates . Like our Facebook page  to get updated Easily.

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