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Earthquake in Northern California, USA

earthquake in california

6.8 magnitude earthquake strikes Northern California

A recent earthquake strikes offshore in Northern California coast has been downgraded to 6.8 magnitude. On Sunday night it has been reported as magnitude – 6.9. The report says there are no injuries or damage. Twenty aftershocks of magnitude 3.5 or greater has be produced on Monday morning and more is expected in coming days.Weather historian Christopher Burt said that this has been the most strongest earth quake in northern California since 1992. On 25th April, 1992 was the strongest quake that stuck with magnitude 7.2. took place in Mendocino Coast.This quake broke the glasses of some buildings.



The National Tsunami Warning Center reported that there are no danger for tsunami for this region. But more than 3,000 people reported on the website named ” USGS ” that they felt the earthquake. Also some of them stated that, the quake woke up their children and knocked the items off the shelves. Previous earthquake in Feb, 2012 with magnitude 5.6 did not make much damage as it did now.

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