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Free eBook – The Secrets to App Success

eBook – The Secrets to App Success is now on Play Store for FREE

The internet giant – Google, announced that it paid over $5 billion to developers in the previous year for their share of paid applications and in-app purchases. If you also want this piece of action, you should consider reading the free eBook from Google in the name – “The secrets to app success on google play” . It tells you how can you develop applications which helps you to earn money.

This ebook consists of 81 pages and shows how can you get the app of yours to be in front of billions of other apps. Also it  gives tips to keeping your income improving. It has a dedicated section which deals with analytic status from which you can target your customers and you can increase your marketing. With these information you will be able to take your app world wide.

So if you want to see yourself as an application developer, you might want to download this eBook (link is given below). Just remember that most profitable applications come from no where, that is without any proper planning. For instance consider Flappy Bird which generated $50,000 per day through ads when it was at peak.

secrets to app success- ebook

The Secrets to App Success on Google Play

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