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Get full administrative rights on windows


Change the administrative rights and get full control on your windows PC

Are you tired of getting this error message ?


Admin privileges-error message

Sometimes even if you are logged in as Administrator,while modifying some important  files, windows shows this message saying that you don’t have administrative rights to make the change.It can be done in few simple steps to change the administrative rights and get full control over the system.

Just follow these steps to get administrative rights.

First, right click on the file that you want to change the administrative rights and select properties

right click and select properties

right click and select properties

In the property box select the security tab.

Property box

Property box

Now select the group or user name

security tab

security tab

When you click on “edit” option and a new permission box opens where you can change the permissions but you can only change “deny” settings. However “allow” setting can’t be changed. So we need to disable the inheritance.

Click on advanced tab

click advanced tab

Now advanced security setting tab opens

click on disable inheritance

Advanced security security

Advanced security security


Block inheritance box opens and click  on convert inherited permissions

block inheritance tab

block inheritance tab

Click on Apply and OK

Now click on edit option

click on edit option

Select the group or user names and “check” the boxes which you want to allow and deny

check boxes to allow and deny

Click  on APPLY and OK button, and again click OK on properties tab

Now you have gained fill administrative rights control over the file or folder.Now you can modify whatever settings you want.

/*  You can also get full admin rights by using CMD  */

Open Command prompt ( CMD ) as administrator

1) Now type

takeown /f file location  ( “file location” is the location or path of the file you are going to give administrative rights )

Ex: takeown /f D:\Dictionary



taking ownership

taking ownership

2) Enter another command

icacls filepath /grant username:f    (  “username” is name of the User Account )

Ex: icacls D:\Dictionary /grant Aravind

grant permission

grant permission

Now you got full control over the file or folder.You can now modify whatever you want.If you have any problems please leave a comment.







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