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Gmail uses encryption in emails from today


Google implements encrypted emails for Gmail from today

The leader in cloud service, Google said that from Thursday gmail will use encryption in its emails to protect the content by reassuring its customers from United States surveillance programs. Nicolas Lidzborski, Engineering security chief in Gmail team said in gmail’s official blog that the emails of customers is very much important to us and to make sure it remains available and safe is important to our team.

gmail encrypted service


By starting from today gmail will use secured encrypted HTTPS connection whenever an user sends or receives an email. From now on none can snoop ( listen ) to your messages and no matter if the user is using public network or private computer or any other device.

As many US intelligence are spying on what users  are sharing online Google started to scramble most of the traffic at their websites. Also Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo announced similar techniques to use encryption to restrict others from monitoring users activities.

Nicolas Lidzborski said that the firm’s recent move will ensure that users message would be safe, not only between gmail and user but also between google’s data centers. Few reports claim that NSA is able to access the information from Google and other cloud companies. Network experts say that encryption will prevent third person from accessing a person’s data, even though if applied more effort anyone can gain access through malware or can trick a user into concede their passwords.



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