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Google becomes the most valuable company in the world

No 1 valuable company in the entire world is Google

The leading internet company has now topped the table of most valuable brand in the entire world while pushing Apple to second place. The list was published by BrandZ. BrandZ is not like usual surveys which just takes the financial growth into account but also it considers the value of the brand for customers and its contribution for its parent firm and also the financial growth. The most amazing thing is that top 100 in the list is comprised of consumer brands and technology brands.

The list is lead by Google which has the brand value of $160 billion which has a 40% jump from previous year and it is tailed by Apple brand with value of $150 billion who had a drop of 20% from previous year. The third place is captured by IBM with $108 billion and Microsoft gets in fourth place with value of $90 billion and the fifth goes to fast food company McDonalds holding $86 billion brand value.

Other internet giants like Facebook and Yahoo has also been included in list where facebook had 68% jump and hold 21st position  and yahoo with 44% jump from last year and holds 69th place in the list.

google tops the table

To know the top 100 brands, please download this PDF file or view it directly on browser,

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