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Google Maps with Google Naps feature

google naps

Google Naps

Google Maps with Google Naps feature helps users to find a napping place. This lists the coolest places to get a good map. This was created by team of Dutch developers, It gives the facility for user to choose options like beds, benches in parks, open fields. Google Naps uses Google Maps and pegman for good “dozing” spots.

To use it, click on Pegman and the app will tell the details of the napping place. Places with bed is represented as pegman behind covers and benches are indicated as Pegman sitting on a seat. It also has the facility that user can add a napping spot on Google Naps by filling out the required details.

google naps


Pegman sitting on a bench indicates that this nap spot is a bench in a park or something like that and Pegman under covers indicates that the napping spot has bed facilities.

google naps

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