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Google Now beats Siri and Cortana

Google Now is good at answering tough questions

Currently all major platforms have their personal assistants, there is a common question which one of them performs the task well? The latest test conducted between Google now, SIri and Cortana results that Cortana and Siri doesn’t gave enough performance compared to Google’s personal assistant.

The test conducted was particular for all tough questions. Two developers developed a random difficult question generator and those questions was asked to these three personal assistants. The result of the test can be seen in the image below.

Google now topped the test by answering one third of the questions, Siri was able to answer one fourth of those questions and Cortana was really bad in answering the question in the test.

google now beats siri and cortana

Google got 33.3% correct answers, Siri was able to get 25.8% of the answers while Cortana was only able to get 11.7% of the answers.

The questions asked were like “what causes Alzheimer’s?”. Even though Google Now won the test, none of the personal assistants were able to impress with their performance. We don’t know how long will it take for at least one of them to go for 50%.

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