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Google plans to buy Softcard


Google is trying to buy Softcard company

The internet giant Google is planning to buy Softcard which is a mobile payment company. TechCrunch, a technology website reported this news on Friday.

They wrote that this Softcard deal will be helping Google with big United States carriers to go for battle with Apple Incorporated and their new Apple Pay service.

The source said that the deal will be approximately $100 million which is around INR 616 crores. They also mentioned that staffs working for Softcard have only limited view about whats going on. The entire work place has been a depression for past six to eight months and there were some who aren’t even coming to work.

The workers at Softcard are thinking the worst since they were being told during December to take it easy towards end of the year. It is important to notice that Softcard is partly owned by Verizon Wireless Inc, AT & T Inc and T – Mobile US Inc.

softcard mobile payment firm

A spokesman reported that Softcard is making some steps to reduce their expenditure and focuses on strengthen its business. They are simplifying their organisation structure and consolidate their operations at New York and Dalla branches.

Google has declined to comment about this issue. They said that they don’t have a answers to give response for these sorts of rumors by sending an e-mail to TechCrunch.

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