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Google’s Project Loon balloon

loon baloon

Project Loon Balloon will be launched soon

Recently one of the balloons in Project Loon by Google has completed a journey of round the world. It is different from Verne’s Phileas Fogg which took 80 days to complete but this hot air balloon took just 22 days.

The project’s crew thought it might take 33 days to complete but it did it in just 22 days. This model is called Ibis-167 which had to face strong winds, it won’t be able to make it if not for the changes made by the team.

Project Loon is Google’s X Lab project which is responsible for Glass. This is used to offer internet connection powered by hot air balloon.The team continues to do more test flights and the Ibis-167 is on its second test to ensure the hardiness of their balloons.

loon balloon - by google


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Source => CNET

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