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GTA V – Grand Theft Auto 5 has been delayed


GTA V launch date has been pushed back again

I am afraid that i have a bad news for PC gamers, Rockstar Games has delayed the launch of GTA V – Grand Theft Auto 5. Rockstar published this news via their official website which mentioned that PC gamers can expect this open world adventure game by 14th April, 2015.

Rockstar apologizes for all the PC console gamers who waited so long for the release of GTA V and the firm said that they needed some more time to make sure that the game is polished well enough. The article also said that GTA online and Heists will be ready to roll out on the same day for PC version.

Rockstar said that for those who pre-ordered GTA V will be getting an additional $200,000 game cash when they get their hands on the game due to another delay. The previous release date mentioned was on MArch 24th, 2015 and before that the deadline for GTA V was 27th Jan, 2105.

Apart from GTA V release date, Rockstar also mentioned about the launch date of Heists which is a co – operative gameplay for GTA Online that is about to make debut on Xbox One, Play Station 4 and Play Station 3 on 10th March, 2105.



So PC gamers what do you think about the delayed schedule for GTA V. Do you really think that the game will be available on 14th April, 2105 or will it be again pushed back. Please let us know in the comment section below.


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