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HTC One M8 Prime have constructed camera lens

HTC One M8 Prime camera lens

There are more number of rumours about the camera of the new HTC One M8 Prime as it is the correct time for Prime’s released for HTC to get it right since it has received criticism for the dual camera for both HTC One M8 and HTC One.

Recently @evleaks posted a leaked photo of a handset that is yet to be announced. The picture is given below.

An imply image of HTC One M8 Prime dual camera has been leaked and the pic shows that it is constructed from the rest of the device and similar to HTC One X.

HTC One M8 Prime

m8 prime

The camera is highlighted by bright orange color ring of paint and looks like choise of old design. It won’t be a creative design from HTC but it is that camera of HTC One M8 Prime is larger than 4 to 5 megapixel.

Viewers please share your thoughts about this camera model from HTC in comments section.


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