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Leaks about HTC One M8 Red

We all know about HTC One M8 but here is a new version of it in red color named HTC One M8 Red or HTC One Red. Of course this new version is not officially announced but there are live photos of HTC One M8 Red grossing on internet.
You can also play with its 3D render on the website hosted by Sketchfab at  [button color=”red” size=”small” link=””]Here[/button] has this 3D render model of HTC One M8 hosted by Sketchfab but the colors are Glacial Silver, Amber Gold and Gunmetal Grey. By visiting Sketchfab, it reveals an extra color which is “Red”.

htc one m8 red

Although the news is not official yet it was published a couple of days back and the official announcement from HTC won’t take long. ( Updated info will be added regarding this article after the official news )


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