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HTC One mini 2 listed with high price tag


HTC One mini 2

Two online retailers listed the price of the upcoming HTC One mini 2 on their websites for the price of €520. In that one of the retailer expect the smart phone to be out on May, 2014 which reveals the release date is somewhere near.

But neither of the two retailers have the device in stock so it can also be a trick to get more visitors to their site or increase the hype for HTC One mini 2 but the price tag is very steep.

HTC One mini 2

There is a chance that price may fall when it comes out but this unofficial pricing is very huge. HTC One mini 2 is expected to have quad core Cortex A7 processor at 1.4 GHz clock speed Snapdragon 400 chipset and display of 4.5 inches at 720 pixels. The design is more likely to be same as its elder sibling which comes with Boom Sound speakers.

If the release date is true we are likely to expect the release of HTC One mini 2 very soon.

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