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Huawei hits 16.8 million shipments this year

Huawei ships 16.8 million devices

Huawei is now getting more and more popular, and has already shown good results. The firm has now shipped 16.8 million smartphones in Q3 this year (2014) in which 26% of the shipped devices were mid to high range devices. The sales grew over 23% compared to last year and 18% in China which is its home country.

The firm shows enormous growth in many developing markets (in the Middle East and Africa the shipments were up 322@ compared to previous year). The Chief Executive Officer is confident enough to compare with the mobile market leader Samsung which is having tough time in some developing markets whereas Hauwei is ahead of them.


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The latest Ascend Mate 7 alone has been sold over 1 million devices. It has price tag of $490 (CNY 3000) and the costly version is CNY 3700. Most Chinese manufacturers are now focused on low cost devices which places Huawei’s 26% mid range to high range smartphones statistics in better place.

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