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Image match feature launched by Bing

image matcg - bing

Finally Bing launches “Image Match” feature

On Thursday, Microsoft officially announced “Image match” feature will be launched in Bing search engine. It is almost two years since Google first introduced the search be image feature. According to Microsoft this feature will be majorly used by its users in the coming days.

image match feature

The Bing image team said that searching for the right image can be difficult. We are introducing a feature which allows you  to match the image in a certain clicks. Image Match functionality will help the users with different resolutions and different sizes of similar images. Also with the introduction of this feature, “image match” button can be seen at the bottom of the page. By clicking on the button, the search engine will  show similar images of different sizes and narrowed down to same size.

Users can also select the image match button near search box and paste the specific URL of the image or the user can also upload the image. The team “bing image” also posted screenshots of its image search quality on its blog.



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