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Increase your RAM by increasing virtual memory

Ram Memory

Creating virtual RAM ( virtual memory )

RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory, it is the physical memory in a computer system. RAM is used as a temporary storage and when the computer is shut down the data stored on RAM is erased. It is a volatile memory. When a data is accessed, the data stored on hard drive is loaded to RAM and is given to CPU for processing. When there is an overflow the computer system uses a small portion of hard disk as random access memory for storing data, If the space allocated for the memory storage is increased then it will improve the performance of the system.

To begin, go to System properties by right clicking My Computer and pressing Properties button, then click on Advanced System Settings inside system properties.

system properties


System Properties window opens, click on Advanced tab and under Performance click Settings. Now Performance windows opens, click on Advanced tab as shown below,



Under virtual memory click on “change”

virtual RAM


Virtual memory window opens, un-check ” Automatically manage paging file size for all drives ” and click the ” Custom size ” radio button. Select each drive listed and enter the initial size and maximum size and click on ” Set “.

ram size


After clicking on “Set” click on ” OK ” button. A small window will prompt saying that to make the changes the computer needs to be restarted. Click on OK and restart the computer.

That’s it, virtual memory has been created successfully.

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