Internet aged 25 years, still going strong


Internet aged 25 years

Internet was just a concept in a technical paper twenty five years ago. The idea of internet was from Tim Berners Lee in a lab called CERN, Switzerland. It was an idea of sharing data among all the computers which reached billions of people. Tim Berners Lee presented this paper on 12th March, 1989 which is known as birthday day of world wide web. And later in 1993, Mosaic was introduced which increased the popularity of using internet through browser.

Internet age

Internet has changed life style and now there can’t be a day without it. On 15 March, the first website was registered called ” symbolic.com ” and later within the next fifteen years twenty one million websites were registered. Then in another ten years another fifty seven websites were born. Then various domains were introduced such as .com, .org, .net, .edu etc. Then major websites like Google, Face book, Twitter, etc were introduced and the usage of internet was massively increased.

As per ” www.internetlivestats.com ” there are 672,985,183 ( approx ) websites in the world.

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