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iPhone 5C 8GB to be launched soon in India

iPhone 5C 8GB

The iPhone manufacturer Apple has planned to bring iPhone 5c of 8GB to India. This variant was released in March for the lowest cost in recent series of iPhone available.

16 gigabyte 5C was sold for rupees 41,900. The iPhone 5C 8GB was sold at very less cost in Europe so it is expected to have a price tag below 35000 rupees which can get more number of sales in India for Apple.

iPhone 5C

Due to the brand name it is easy for Apple to sell previous generation devices in India and still get profitable sales.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook discussed about Indian market in which Apple enjoyed the profit. He said that the sales of iPhone has grown by strong digits by every year in India and in Vietnam the sales are even more.

The iPhone 5C 8GB is expected to hit the stores in coming weeks and have low price tag.

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