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LG and Samsung starts to use Sapphire displays

LG and Samsung plans to start using Sapphire displays

For iPhone 6 Apple made a huge investment for developing Sapphire displays. The technology used for coating is the same technology that watch manufactures have been using for protecting the watch from scratches and unwanted nicks.

Now it looks like LG and Samsung is going to follow the steps of Apple and use it for coating its upcoming smartphone’s display screen with Sapphire displays.

This news leaked from the inside sources. According to them, in Korea, Samsung and LG reached for product samples from Sapphire glass manufactures.

Sapphire displays


Also it has been reported that these phone manufactures looked for manufacturing Sapphire displays as early as previous year but now decided to quit because it was considered very costly.

The main question is that what will be the cost of the future smartphones. When it comes to Apple its usually costly but android devices were always affordable. Now what will Sapphire displays coming into market, what will be the cost of the upcoming smartphones from LG and Samsung?

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