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LG Uni8 images leaked

Leaked news about LG Uni8

LG was one of the genuine windows smart phone partner for a while but it seemed to have lost interest. By the leaked images of LG Uni8 images it looks like android smart phone manufacturer has changed its mind.

The leaked image of the device ( a.k.a LG Uni8 ) is a windows phone 8.1, it can be easily identified by the tiles design. Its size seems to be of a phablet sized unit.

The name “Uni8”  implements a bigger display screen although Microsoft has planned to change Windows RT with Windows Phone 8 ( report based on rumours ). Anyhow there is a little piece of confirmed information which is that this new device will sport LG’s trademark.

The specifications of the device is yet to be revealed and it will be updated as soon as the news comes out.

lg uni8

Source of this article is from @evleaks

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