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Lumia devices to be branded as Microsoft Lumia

Microsoft Lumia

From now on there is no more Nokia Lumia its will be branded as Microsoft Lumia. But Nokia is not fully over, Microsoft plans to continue, to sell Nokia Lumia devices and provide customer support as well. And also some feature phones are expected to be sold like Nokia 130.

The Senior Vice President of Marketing, Tuula Rytilä gave an interview which she discussed the future of Microsoft Lumia brand. The process of renaming the brand has already started and even Nokia’s website is going to be transferred to Microsoft.

Microsoft Lumia


Also quoted that the first Lumia device from new brand hasn’t been revealed but it will be somewhere around the corner. It is expected to be somewhere near January or February of 2015 for Microsoft to reveal its first devices.

Microsoft has a good chance to get more share in market since it carries a decent record from Lumia sales.

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