Malaysia Airlines missing over South China Sea

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines flight missing

On Saturday ( i.e., 02-03-14 ), Malaysia airlines flight named Boeing 777 family from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing went missing while travelling over South China sea. About 239 people boarded this plane.

Malaysia airlines authorities said that, the plane was on an overnight flight and there wasn’t any disturbing signal, trouble in weather or any other indications of trouble. Vietnam jurisdiction said that, they have lost the contact with the plane near its airspace. Still the location and the condition of the passengers are still an enigma.

Malaysia Airlines flight

In the mean time, the search for the plane is going on as the relatives and friends of the passengers are still waiting for an answer. Boeing 777 family has a solid safety record in its past of being world’s most widely flows passenger flight since 1995. Form Vietnamese media, official naval quotes that plane has crashed off southern part of Vietnam and as soon as the news came from from navy he has asked them to contact their counterparts soon. At the present movement they don’t have any information about any wreckage at sea or location of the missing plane.

A website named ” flightaware.com ” that is used for tracking flight showed the flight was flying over northeast of Malaysia with an altitude of 35000 feet. Then after a minuter or two it faded from website’s record ( tracking record ) as it was still climbing.

The CEO of Malaysia airlines, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya on his Facebook site shows his sorrowfulness and  confirms that Flight MH370 has lost contact at 02:40 AM today. Also the statement says, the flight consists of 227 passengers, 2 infants and 12 crew members. An official statement was posted by Vietnamese government that Malaysian airlines flight disappeared in Vietnamese airspace.

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