MediaTek chipsets might carry 12 cores by end of 2015


MediaTek chipsets to carry 10 and 12 cores

MediaTek is a popular chipset manufacturer in the mobile world. Although their chipsets are not as powerful as Qualcomm’s or Nvidia’s or even Samsung’s but this Taiwanese company draws the competition when it comes to mass of the units to produce.

MediaTek chipsets not only widely used by most Chinese smartphones and tablets but also contributes a lot to advancement of processor innovation.  There are new rumors that suggests that the chipset manufacturer is tediously working on their new brand of MediaTek chipset which will comprise ten or even twelve cores.

A twelve core processor will have huge number of transistors to build or embed inside a portable device even with the help of latest 20 nano meter design. So MediaTek plans to strut into Intel’s Xeon territory where those processors are used for high performance computers and not something like browsing, mailing or editing documents.

Suppose that if it has enough room to adapt the new MediaTek chipset but there is a problem for OS manufacturers and app developers to make app and features to support for new architecture.

And again, with MediaTek chipset that comes with 10 or 12 cores, the performance will most likely to be limited by hardware specs and in addition to that the main memory (RAM) needs to be improved as well to keep up with the new chipset.

mediatek chipset with 10 to 12 cores

So, there are very much logical questions summing up about the possibility for adaption of MediaTek chipsets that carries 10 to 12 cores with the modern devices. Anyway we will let you know when more details pops out.

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