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Microsoft can disable your pirated games

windows 10 piracy

On Windows 10, Microsoft will be able to disable pirated games

Its not even a month since Microsoft released its update for latest Windows 10 which is the new operating system for desktop environment. But it has been stripping piracy one by one since then. The latest bold decision from firm is that to change the license agreement by enabling it to disable pirated games and unauthorized hardware running on Windows 10.

The Software giant has updated its European License Agreement to indicate that Microsoft won’t tolerate pirated games or hardware running on a Windows 10 powered computer system. The firm might automatically check the version of the software and download update or config changes, including those services might prevent you from accessing or playing pirated games or using un-authorized hardware devices on your computer system. This was 7b clause of the new revised EULA.

pirated games

But the specifications are not clear yet, the statement sates that the firm is planning to take a big leap to stand against the usage of pirated games (since it reduces the revenue of PC game developers). I don’t know whether this applies to only games or even applications. Since the statement mentions only games, its really confusing why Microsoft differentiates pirated games and apps.

It is not yet clear on how Microsoft detects the pirated games and hardware powered by Windows 10 operating systems but recently there has been a lot of controversy from Microsoft. After the release of the new operating system, the firm was criticized for their stand of OS piracy and now this. I don’t know where Microsoft is leading with this?.

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