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Microsoft Lumia 1030 design concept


Design of Microsoft Lumia 1030

Recently, there are rumors on the internet about the successor of the great camera phone – Nokia Lumia 1020 where Microsoft plans to create Microsoft Lumia 1030 with a massive 50 mega pixel PureView camera phone.

Although they are rumors it is also logically correct to expect PureView technology in near future. Now, designer Jonas Daehnert has come up with awesome 3D concept of the upcoming device Microsoft Lumia 1030.

 Microsoft Lumia 1030This concept of his shows Microsoft Lumia 1030 made out of metal with plastic strip on bottom for receiving signals without any problem. Also it suggests that device might have a 2.5D curved display screen with signature pillow from latest Nokia’s designs.


Given the Microsoft Lumia 1030 is carrying a 50 mega pixels camera that doesn’t mean that it will have Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chipset since it is the only processor which is capable of handling such high resolutions but there is a chance that Lumia 1030 might have other processor which can be another good characteristic of Microsoft Lumia 1030.
This is only a design concept of Microsoft Lumia 1030 yet there are no official announcements from Microsoft. But we’ll let you know when more info comes out. Please share your thoughts about this massive camera phone in the comment section below.
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