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Microsoft reveals DirectX 12 and also the benefits for mobiles


DirectX 12 and its advantages for mobiles

Finally after a long time Microsoft plans for the future generation of its graphics. Microsoft developed APIs for improving the gaming experience on Windows platforms and also other platforms. The firm provided a method for developers to take dominance of higher complex graphics hardware. This triggered the gaming industry in PC till recent years.

With this new update of DirectX 12 has improved features from existing programming model. Microsoft aims to improve development of game on all products that is for PCs, phones, tablets and Xbox One.

directX 12


This update of DirectX 12 will be applied to all of the firm’s products. This also includes mobile phones ( Windows 8 phones already support DirectX ).

However what is the benefit for mobiles? Some might wonder. From GDC presentation, there are three major improvements and they are, Improved performance via multi core CPU usage and standard API scalability, enhanced power efficiency. The mobile partner that support DirectX 12 is Qualcomm. As it is expected to be released in 2015, it is a long time to assume that it will be easy porting for games on Windows Phone.

By next month, Microsoft assures to provide more information about DirectX 12. So stay tuned for more updates regarding DirectX news.


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