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Microsoft to support wireless charging

wireless charging

Wireless charging

It is official that Microsoft announced the support for wireless power consortium standard for charging batteries of mobile devices without wired cables. The Wireless Power Consortium already has two hundred companies ( 200 companies ) among its members that includes HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony, IKEA, Motorola, Qualcomm and Nokia. Since the handset is a part of Microsoft it must support the same standard instead of creating a new one from scratch.




microsoft wireless charging


The concept of wireless charging is a great use, as everybody is dependent on smartphones and tablets for most of the purposes. With this we can just place the smartphone or tablet on the table and it starts charging wirelessly. Thus it eliminates the worrying of battery power. But anyway there are three competing companies that aim to be the universal standard.

Research organisations and tech experts consider that, wireless charging technology can become huge in forthcoming years. As of to IHS technology, about 25 million wireless charging sets were shipped in 2013 but they expect it to raise to 1.7 billion by 2023. Therefore it means for at least few years we require cables for charging.

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