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Mophie launches Space pack

Space pack

Mophie’s Space pack

In the beginning of the year 2014, Mophie launched the space pack battery case that has additional storage space for iPhone. However it is available only in United States. Now the space pack battery case is made available in United Kingdom also.

mophie's Space pack


This space pack battery case comes with two different storage space versions namely 16 gigabyte and 32 gigabyte. It also increases the life of the battery with 1700mAh integrated battery.

The firm also created an application named Space that allows users to maintain the existing storage on the case and smartphone. Mophie sells the space pack via Apple store. Cost of 16 GB version is 129.95 euros and 32GB version costs about 139.95 euros. As far as considering the better deal would be 32GB version.

Watch this video about Mophie’s battery case promo


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