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Myfastfile – Super fast torrent downloader

Nowadays downloading torrents is not as easy nor safe as it was before due to recent crackdown of popular torrent websites. Also, Internet Service Providers (ISP) are trying to block their subscribers from accessing torrents. So today, I am going to introduce a new awesome tool dubbed as “MyFastFile“.

The user interface of this tool might be simple but their service is great and MyFastFile is extremely fast and effective tool for downloading files and torrents. Just FYI, there is no need to worry about privacy and speed. MyFastFile allows users to download files from their server instantly without any lag or taking you to some unwanted adword pages like most of the hosting providers out there.


MyFastFile provides download quota of 1000 gigabyte (1 TB) per month which being the highest space provided by any hosting service provider and video files are available to stream quickly and the tool converts the video to better format for faster streaming without loss in resolution or quality. Also the torrent uploading limit is set to ten torrents at a time (i.e user will be able to upload ten torrents at the same time).

How MyFastFile works

Generally torrents require huge resources to download files so to overcome this difficulty MyFastFile splits the job and assigns to multiple servers so that the downloading time is reduced. In order to use it, just paste the magnet or torrent link and that’s it your file will start to download instantly and quickly.


MyFastFile uses VPN protected servers and incorporated with Belize for Privacy laws so as i said earlier, you don’t need to worry about privacy. MyFastFile in now currently working on Automatic subtitles, Soundcloud Grabber, Youtube Grabber, Browser extensions and support for more languages.

Some of the key features of MyFastFile

  • Adding ten torrents at same time
  • For Privacy laws they have incorporated with Belize
  • VPN protected servers
  • 1 Terrabyte (1000 GB) of download quota per month
  • Automatically converts the format of video for better streaming.
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