Bluetooth 4.2 brings more features

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Next Bluetooth version – Bluetooth 4.2 spec

Bluetooth is a major part in the world of mobile. But most of the users actually don’t know what Bluetooth is capable of. At present the latest version is Bluetooth 4.0. This version is useful for wearables since it has low energy mode .

Now SIG – Bluetooth Special Interest Group recently announced the next version of it named Bluetooth 4.2. It brings more improvements regarding speed, privacy etc.

 Bluetooth 4.2
With Bluetooth 4.2 it updates the privacy part more specifically and gives more control when it comes to beacons which track your location. The latest version will ask users to give permission for tracking the locations.
Bluetooth 4.2 also increases the speed of data transfers by 2.5 times by sending big packets through signals. It gives full support for accessing the cloud via IPv76 directly.
Unfortunately, there are no smartphones that use Bluetooth 4.1 yet so do not expect Bluetooth 4.2 in your smartphone anywhere soon. But you can enable the privacy features bu software updates  and when it comes to speed you might require new hardware.
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