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No more support for Windows 7 says Microsoft

windows 7 no support

Microsoft will no more provide support for Windows 7 operating systems

Microsoft has finalized its decision on suspending the support for Windows 7 operating systems which leaves nine out of ten windows based computers in China with no support from Microsoft.

Yesterday, mainstream support for Windows 7 OS is officially suspended by Microsoft which means that no new features or free help tips will be provided to Win 7 users. But Microsoft mentioned that they will be patching security updates till 2020.

The US company tries to retire the five year old operating system which is actively running on most of the computers worldwide. Thus stopping the support for Windows 7 operating systems will make way for upcoming operating systems like Windows 10 or existing operating systems like Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

According to which is a statistical website said that, In China nearly 57 % of Windows based computers are still using Windows XP whose support was suspended a year ago.

For Windows 7 the market holds 38.3 % of Windows computers in China which leaves nearly 95 % of Windows based computer systems with no technical support from Microsoft.

Since Microsoft has stopped security updates and technical support for Windows XP, Qihoo Technology and Beijing Rising Information Technology is providing security update for Windows XP in China.

So i personally think that Microsoft should put some thoughts about suspending Windows 7 support completely. So visitors please share your thoughts about this action taken from Microsoft by commenting below in comment section.

windows 7 no support

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