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Nokia X, X+, XL official release with ANDROID operating system

nokia x series

Nokia X release

Nokia X official released. Though Microsoft will be buying Nokia shortly but the company is rolling ahead and releases three new smart phone Nokia X, X+, XL. For the first time Nokia releases its mobile with android OS, but it was previously a leaked news about this mobile series in December. Now coming to the new releases, as expected its design is the combination of all the Lumia series with low price hardware with five inch ( 5 – inch ) screen.

nokia X, X+, XL

The cost of 5 inch XL might be €109 and the four inch ( 4 inch ) X+ is about €99. Nokia X has the lowest price of about €89. It will be available in Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and other major countries but it is doubtful that it will be making a way towards Japan, Korea, North America as there are many competitors such as iPhone, Samsung galaxy S4 etc.

Although Nokia has promised its allegiance with Microsoft but it hasn’t stopped its work with android. The brand new Nokia X has a new version of Android which is similar to Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Nokia is utilizing the open source android software and recreating it with windows styled appearance. The main drawback of the series is that services like Google play store, g-mail, Google maps and other Google services won’t be available. The firm is creating its own app store and will be available very soon which will contain hundreds of apps for these mobiles and also third party stores would be combined with Nokia store. Lets see whether it stands the competition with other android smart phones.

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