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NVIDIA Grid to stream NVIDIA Shield portables

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NVIDIA will stream NVIDIA Shield portable devices

NVIDIA Shield portable devices are able to stream games from your computer but soon they will be able to stream directly from NVIDIA’s computers with the support of Gird systems which will arrive with the latest Lollipop update. This service runs the game in cloud and it will stream in 720 pixels at 60 frames per second with low latency and also providing high performance and great quality. The rendering part will be handled by NVIDIA graphic servers.

NVIDIA stream shield

User will need to use hardware controller (game controller). It won’t be necessary for regular Shield devices since they have built in controller. The internet speed required is minimum of 6.5 mbps but 10 mbps will be sufficient for effective gaming.

At the beginning multi player feature won’t be available but soon NVIDIA plans to support multiple players in the same room. You might wanna get Grid app from Google Play Store. During the launch of 20 AAA games which worth $400 which include Boderlands 2, Psychonauts, Arkham city with new game adding each week. United States will first receive this service by 18th of November and then in United Kingdom by 2nd of December and rest of Asia and Europe will get it by 2015.

The price for Grid will be free till 30 th June of 2015 but the price for it is not yet clear right now.

NVIDIA Shield device

Source for this article is official blog of NVIDIA, you can view their official notice [button color=”red” size=”small” link=”” ] Here [/button]

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