Oink enables to monitor kid's app purchase



Any kid who have access to his parent’s iTunes profile or any other online store can purchase anything and the parents refuse to pay for it as they did not authorize it.

For this, Oink has come up with a solution that allows kids to buy anything they want but remain in their parent’s budget.Parents can add their credit cards with the account and set the budget and also how much to be spend on a single purchase.


Using Oink we can buy anything by just using username and password and it is similar to PayPal. A certain amount of money can be given to the child to buy movies or games but also it can be restricted from purchasing mature content.

The service could also be disabled it parents temporarily don’t want their kid to spend. It is available in various online retailers and the firm is planning to expand it even more.

The company at GDC informed that this summer it is planning to release a physical card that would work anywhere discover cards are accepted and it can be used to purchase anything like cab ride also.


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