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Short review on new One Plus Two

Since One Plus’s first smartphone named One Plus One was a big success for the firm (mainly recognition about the firm and their products), the firm has planned to release a flagship killer dubbed as One Plus Two which is a high end smartphone with high specifications which comes with low price as promised by the firm.

The success of One Plus One made Google to not manufacture any more Nexus smartphone which also make us realize that Nexus 6 did not have the kind of success or patronage from people compared to previous Nexus smartphones.

One Plus Two plans to make success even though the price tag is greater than its ancestor but its very much less for those specifications and with clever marketing One Plus wants to make it big.

Design and display

Regarding the design aspect, One Plus Two looks a lot like One Plus One but indeed has some tweaks to keep it fresh. The highlight of One Plus Two is it sports Sandstone Black finish on its back which some of them love and then there is other half who doesn’t but its purely a matter of taste. If you feel uncomfortable with it, you can order official back covers such as Black Apricot, Rosewood, Bamboo, Kevlar back covers from Amazon for INR plus two

One Plus Two sports a 5.5 inch full high definition display with good view angles and has good brightness which i have come across in recent times. The firm has carefully played with colors such as gamut. The colors seem like natural and have washed out look and feel. But for some people it may seem a bit dull.

Software and performance

One Plus Two runs on One Plus’s Oxygen operating System which is based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop operating system with some minor additional features. The launcher of this smartphone is similar to the launcher which was seen on Moto G (3rd generation)  and there is a feature called Shelf which becomes left most screen. The firm says Shelf is a experiment feature but it is not much useful right now (since it has only three modules). But it would be great if this Shelf feature evolves into a more useful thing in future.

oneplus_2_sw and per

Battery life and camera

Regarding the battery, One Plus Two is an average performer when it comes to video testing but its has excellent battery life for everyday usage (even on 4G networks). It has normal battery life and capacity when compared to other smartphone in recent times so its nothing new here. Moving on to Camera specifications, One Plus Two features a 13 MP camera on its back along with LED flash light. But while using tap to focus feature, it slows down a bit than usual. Capturing under low light is also great compared to other flagships.

One Plus Two also comes with front snapper which also sports an amazing lens. The app which launches the camera is basic but has lots of options you cans play with. You can capture 4 K videos with length limit of 10 minutes to maximum (per clip). Unfortunately, the smartphone heats up when trying to capture videos at 1080 pixels.

one plus two - style sawp


To conclude, One Plus Two has more improvements than One Plus One in multiple ways. Particularly, its software and battery life are major improvements than its ancestor. Though there are some issues to be fixed but i hope that One Plus has improved on its quality. If you are looking for a Dual SIM with pretty good camera and normal battery life with price range around INR 25, 000, One Plus Two is the right choice. But you you are a brand obsessed and not willing to place bargain over reliability, One Plus Two may not be the best choice.

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