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OnePlus One sold over 500,000 by now

OnePlus One to hit 1 million sales by end of this year

Inspite of having some issues with pre orders, OnePlus managed to sell more than 500,000 of OnePlus One phones. The co founder Carl Pei announced these numbers and the firm is now targeting a million sales by end of this year.

Even though with this sales they are making less money, Carl Pei said that we are making single digit dollar on each device. It has spent $300 on Facebook ads and finally the brand has started to spread.

Co founder of OnePlus said that when the OnePlus One hits a million and if OnePlus had enough user base, it will start to create software and services to their stream. Also the firm tried Bamboo StyleSwap but it was cancelled, although there are rumors that OnePlus is not willing to give up exchangable back covers.

oneplus one

OnePlus One


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