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Passwords – why so many?


So many passwords?

Internet users commonly secure the contents or their accounts with their passwords also they can use their thumb, eye or any scanning method to authenticate themselves. But the frustration is that they need to remember their passwords, every smartphone or computer needs to remember more than ten to twenty passwords. And also for providing more security each password has to be different, which practically can’t be memorized so they write down in a piece of paper or store as a text file on their device. It can be insecure that even though you have the strongest password, it can be hacked.



Sometimes if the user forgets the password they reset it again by replacing a new password.To avoid this there are some recent improvements to make secure authentication.

Winfrasoft developed a pattern like sudoku puzzle in a four-colour grid with numbers. User needs to set a pattern as password. Since the numbers inside the pattern changes frequently it is difficult to crack the passwords. Nobody can see the numbers, they can see you enter the numbers but if others try it, they won’t be recognized since its numbers change frequently. Winfrasoft believes it is the most secure way to protect the authentication of devices.

Similarly one of the leading company Apple introduced fingerprint scanner to increase the security.Also face recognition is developing to authenticate user by scanning face. Both fingerprint and face recognition scanner help in improving security since it can’t be faked very easily.

Though there are many ways to protect the content, nothing is a hundred percent secure. The passwords can be hacked and fingerprint can be faked using latex and so on.

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