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Pebble releases firmware updates for its device


Pebble rolls out big update

Pebble recently announced, that by this week they will roll out a big update for their devices and also for its Android application. As for the device, the firm releases a major firmware update which supports many new languages so that users might be able to read notifications on their native language. As per Pebble records, about 98% of its users will be able to use their device on their native language.

Another update for android devices brings revamped app to support their devices. The main change feature is that it offers full notification support. Now Pebble users can send all types of notifications to their devices. The minimum requirement for this update is Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

pebble update


According to Pebble, these changes for new Android app may lay a groundwork for further updates that might roll out on regular basis. In addition to these updates the firm also brings update for iOS users also. They also made an announcement for job seekers to join them and the company is looking forward to continuing its growth and expand its boundary.

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